Animation & Design

Sacred Space

This project never quite made it to fruition, but I put a lot of time into it and wanted to share some of the work for it anyways.

It began as a study of the Station North area of Baltimore. I noticed the intriguing relationship between the historical churches and the new churches, which often repurposed office buildings or houses. It made me think about what constitutes "sacred space", and then about how I could recreate contemplative, but not necessarily religious experiences.

  • Year: 2012

  • Project 01a
    This was a quickly drafted 3D model of a community space.
    Project 01b
    The community center was accessible via a path through Greenmount Cementery, then over a bridge. This is the site plan.
    Project 01c
    More interesting I think than the final design products are my sketches, which i was constantly iterating on.
    Project 01c
    These were mood sketches, in which I tried to create small moments of meditative space.